What we can offer:

  • A well organised Club with a formal and effective Committee coordinating Club and Annual General Meetings (consistently in place since 2009)
  • A Constitution developed by the Committee and ratified by the Club; Club protocol and policies; complaints procedure; job descriptions etc. in place
  • Fundraising, 100 Club (implemented October 2013) and a financially sound Club
  • Access to regular coaching (Level 2 coach)
  • Opportunities for players to move up teams/divisions, play as part of the more competitive NW Championship squad, and/or play socially in the summer league competitions
  • An opportunity to remain playing with current players/friends
  • Opportunities to develop officiating and coaching skills via mentoring from existing club members;
  • Social events – Christmas, birthdays, trips abroad
  • Smart kit

Affiliation for 2017/18 Club Members is £35 (£5 has been subsidised by the Club).