Terms & Conditions

The All England Netball Association (England Netball (EN)) is a company limited by guarantee. Whilst it is a private company it operates as a members association and the National Governing Body for netball in England.

By becoming a member of England Netball you agree to adhere to Membership Terms & Conditions (see MyNet Document Downloads)

Please Note: Any external websites linked from the England Netball website may not necessarily represent the views or opinions of England Netball. England Netball cannot accept any responsibility for the content included on these websites.


England Netball provides information prior to and during an event however the conditions set out within these terms & conditions are the principle overriding conditions.

Data Protection

In order to process and administer your Club Membership and affiliation with England Netball we need to collect certain information from you and/or your parent/guardian, including (where applicable) name, address, age, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, participation information and any other special requirements (including medical details). EN takes full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information. Full details of EN’s Date Protection Policy can be found here.

Behavioural Standards and Exclusion

EN expects all participants to behave at all times in a manner that is acceptable to both fellow participants and EN delivery staff.

EN reserves the right to exclude a participant from the event where they fail to uphold the required standard. Such failure shall include, but not be limited to, racial, sexual, verbal or physical bullying of a fellow participant or member of staff. No refund will be issued.

Medical Information

A parent / guardian must give written consent for the administration by staff of prescribed medication (including Epi Pens and Inhalers) but state that they fully understand that staff may not be qualified to do so and that they (the parent/guardian) accept full responsibility.

Lost Property

Please ensure you do not bring valuable belongings when attending any matches. EN & Chadwick’s Netball Club cannot accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged items.


From time to time we take photographs at our matches & training that may be used for marketing and promotional purposes. If you would rather you were not included in any photographs, please inform us.


EN & Chadwick’s Netball does not accept liability for sickness, personal injury or death of any participants unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its officers. Organisers providing the facility are under no liability whatsoever in respect of personal injuries, loss or damage to property whilst attending any events.


Participants (those affiliated to England Netball) are covered by EN’s Public Liability Insurance.

Policies & Procedures

EN policies and procedures are available by logging onto your MyNet account. Chadwick’s Netball Club policies and procedures are circulated annually to all Club Members.


EN and Chadwick’s Netball Club are fully committed to delivering the highest standard participant experience. We aim to ensure every individual has a fantastic experience. If you are not entirely satisfied please in the first instance follow Chadwick’s Netball Club’s Complaints Policy.